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vasista upvc Hardware provides you a complete range of UPVC doors and windows hardware. We are established company dealing in the manufacturing and importing the hardware for all types of UPVC doors and windows.We are one of the fastest growing UPVC HARDWRE provider from Hyderabad, India. We have a comprehensive and detail-oriented quality system that ranges from product development to sales. upvc hardwares are Touchlock, single wheel nylon roller, Double adjustble roller, woolpile, projection handle, espags, friction hinges, casement widow handles, cockpur handles, 3d hinge, flap hinge, butt hinge, plastic components..



Quality control is making sure the end product really is what you want. vasista believe quality is vital to successful organisation.


we think instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer. Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude!
supply on time

on time delivery

we Know the true value of time. we will deliver the hardware within 24 hours after receiving your po.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Value is more expensive than price. but we remember, nothing comes without a price.

Our Products

we have the best products, we need the best people.



This touchlock helps upvc sliding windows to have the absolute feeling of safety and security.



For the best roller series, it is worth coming at vasista upvc Hardware where you get the quality materials for your UPVC doors and windows at the reasonable cost.



Wool Pile is used for upvc Doors and Windows to operate it smoothly and Protect Dust.

Sliding Espag

Sliding Espag

vasista upvc Hardware assures the easy and best availability of the Sliding Espages in different ranges towards our customers.

casement window handle with key

casement handle

There will be several options for you to select but make sure the designing which is selected by you is good with looks and safety.

friction hinge

friction hinge

These friction stays find the best place for application to support the placement of the vertical and horizontal upvc windows.

3D Hinge

3D Hinge

The Hinge Series at vasista upvc Hardware are supported with an method of closing and opening the upvc casement doors.

plastic components

plastic components

We assure upvc plastic components are made by original raw material so we get final output should be best quality.


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At vasista upvc hardware, each & every customer is important and their feedbacks are even more precious, for they help us in doing better!

We also have extremely patient ears for our customers complaint, query and grievance etc.

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